BAGSO – The voice of older people in Germany

BAGSO, the German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations, represents the interests of older generations in Germany. It stands up for active, self-determined and healthy ageing in social security. In a colourful and diverse society BAGSO promotes a differentiated image of old age. This includes both, the various opportunities arising of longer lives as well as times of vulnerability and need of care.

BAGSO is an umbrella organisation of about 120 civil society organisations that are run by or work for older people. As such it calls on politics, society and economy to offer conditions that allow for a good and dignified life in older age. In important policy areas, BAGSO puts themes that are relevant for healthy and active ageing on the political agenda. In policy briefs and position papers, BAGSO identifies requirements for good quality of life in older age and provides recommendations for political actions at federal, state and municipal level.