German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations

The BAGSO – German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations – represents older generations in Germany. BAGSO is an umbrella organisation of over 100 civil society organisations that are run by or work for older people.

The organisation stands up for active, self-determined and healthy ageing in social security. In a colourful and diverse society BAGSO promotes a differentiated image of older age. This includes both, the various opportunities arising of longer lives as well as times of vulnerability and need of care.

With innovative projects BAGSO opens new avenues for an active, self-determined and healthy ageing – currently covering the following: Digitalisation and lifelong learning, healthy lifestyles, local networks to support people with dementia and the German Senior Citizens‘ Day.

BAGSO internationally

Through the Secretariat for International Policy on Ageing, BAGSO is committed to strengthening the rights of older people worldwide.

As a representative of senior citizens in Germany, BAGSO is involved in the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing of the United Nations (MIPAA) and the Sustainable Development Goals.

BAGSO has consultative status in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN) and participates in the Open-Working Group on Ageing at the UN in New York. BAGSO is also involved in the Working Group on Ageing of the UN Economic Council of Europe (UNECE) and NGO representative in the European Economic and Social Council (EESC).

The International Secretariat provides information on the situation of older people around the globe and encourages exchange among older people’s organisations from various countries. It participates in international networks of the civil society:

  • AGE Platform Europe
  • Global Alliance of the Rights of Older People (GAROP)
  • Stakeholder Group on Ageing (SGA)